armed forces as career option

Every year hundreds of thousand students appear HSC exam. They have an aim to be a leader, to serve the nation in war, peace and disaster. They don’t know the ways, who will show the correct path? Yes, we The Defence Care Academy is the organisation, are showing the right way.

Defence Care Academy is an organisation that assists the candidates of Bangladesh Army, Navy and Air force Officer Cadets. IQ, communication ability- Spoken, written, public speaking, common sense, positive psychology & physical ability are developed by the experienced coach.

If you want to serve the nation in WAR, PEACE & DISASTER, Join Bangladesh Armed Forces.

Viva Written

Viva & Written

Defence Care Academy is experienced with 100% viva and written success in Army, Navy & written Exam. All the necessary booklets, sheets, lectures, model tests including model questions are provided with great care.​​​​

issb preparation

Issb Preparation

The ISSB tests results of Defence Care is significant among all its competitors. Due to personal care with total support, the quantity of getting selected at ISSB has reached a higher level.

Public Speaking

Public Speaking

Defence Care conducts a separate class on Spoken English and Public Speaking. By this students get the knowledge on the art of modern public speaking and that is helpful for ISSB to get a positive result as well.1